Water Leaks & Burst Pipes

dp_image06Water Leaks

Leaks are very difficult to detect, without the sound of running water or a water stain. A leaking pipe can cause your water usage to increase dramatically.

Finding the source of the problem accurately can save you time and money and should be attended to by an experienced plumber.

If you need help with detecting or locating a leak, we have the technology to find it - behind walls, under floorboards, or underground.


Burst Pipes

A leaking pipe can be quite noticeable with water spraying everywhere or
There could be no evidence other than an increased water bill.

Symptoms could be:

  • Water damage on your wall
  • Green or damp patch in your yard
  • Large increase in your Water Bill

The easiest way to identify if you have a water leak is to ensure all taps and toilets are turned off.
Go and read your water meter. If the dials on the meter are moving you have a leak.

If you suspect or know you have a burst pipe or leaking pipe give us a call and let us fix the problem for you.